Birthday Cookie Delivery

Looking for the perfect birthday present? A box of delicious, chunky cookies might be just the thing. With 7 incredible flavours to choose from, there's something for everyone. Choose 6 cookies to place an order and we'll bake up some fresh birthday cookies, ready to be delivered fresh.

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Chunky Cookies Perfected

Our cookies make the best birthday gifts. All our cookies are made with the best ingredients we could get our hands-on. All the ingredients are mixed into a thick dough, which we leave to rest for 48 hours before baking. This gives our cookies that chunky, soft texture our cookies are known for. No matter which one of our 7 flavours you choose, or the Cookie of the Month, you can be sure whoever is receiving them is in for a treat.

cookie box
cookie box

Here’s How it Works

Ready to order? Here's how our Cookie Box Delivery works.
  1. Choose 6 or more cookies for your box. Each box fits 6 cookies!
  2. Place your order and our team will get to work crafting your cookies.
  3. We bake your cookies fresh and ship them out through Australia Post.
  4. In just a few days, your Cookie Box will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy!

Birthday Delivery

If you want the cookies delivered on the day, let us know when you order and we'll do our best to get them there on time. We bake on Wednesdays and Fridays, delivering as close to those days as we can to make sure the cookies are delivered as fresh as possible.

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All Boxed Up and Ready to Go

When an order is ready, our team box up the freshly baked cookies in one of our special delivery boxes. We can ship the cookies anywhere in Australia through express Australia Post. They generally arrive in 1-3 days, as fresh as possible and ready to eat! To make things simple, delivery is a flat $10 for all orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we can't do custom cookies, our gift boxes can be customised, fitting your selection of 6 cookies. You can choose any of the cookies from our range for the box to make sure it's the perfect gift.

We also have giant cookies available for custom orders, which also make great birthday gifts. If you would like to order a giant cookie, please place your order at least a week in advance, as it takes us several days to prepare the ingredients for these enormous cookies.

Because we only bake on Wednesdays and Fridays, we aren't able to offer same-day delivery. However, if you place your order on Tuesday or Thursday, we'll be able to have the cookies delivered at the next possible opportunity. This way, your cookies arrive as fresh as possible.